ТОВ НВП "Техвестсервіс"

Ongoing work

  • Installation and integration of radar systems, navigation and communication systems 
  • Supply of equipment 
  • Installation of equipment 
  • Ground mode systems settings
  • Flight check mode system adjustment
  • Providing commissioning with the issuance of all required documentation 
  • Preparation and support of documents for certification 
  • Warranty and post-warranty service 
  • Pilot operation of certain types of equipment and systems 
  • Rehabilitation works 
  • Operational support and technical modernization of ATM System 
  • Analysis, development and maintenance of an effective quality assurance system 
  • Optimization of preventative maintenance 
  • Building maintenance and repair strategies based on the technical condition 
  • Building maintenance and repair strategies by reliability 
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of policies of maintenance and repair strategies
  • Repairs and maintenance system for working in Operational mode without major repairs 
  • Electrical and lighting, ventilation and heating, telephone, fire and security alarm subsystems
  • Educational activities, changes in business culture, project management, training, integration and implementation of systems, including support and maintenance



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