ТОВ НВП "Техвестсервіс"


The RPE "TECHWESTSERVICE" Ltd was founded in 1997 

The main activity of RPE "TECHWESTSERVICE" since its foundation is the maintenance and repairing of radars, navigation and communication equipment. RPE "TECHWESTSERVICE" has a well-equiped repairing technical base, allowing to perform complex works on construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair, comprehensive evaluation of technical conditions and provide flight checks of radar, radio navigation and communication equipment. The company has necessary certificates, installation permits from manufacturers and licenses. Employees of TWS completed the training at the manufacturing plants and certain Sites. Hallmarks of the company are: the short term, high quality, guarantee. Among the services of TWS there is the after sales service.



08138, 8, Tolstogo Street,
v. Sofiivska Borshchagivka,
Kyivska Oblast, Ukraine
Phone: +380 44 594-99-77
Fax: +380 44 594-99-78